The G-Unit Clothing Line

The G-Unit clothing line continues to be a very popular collection with most of its emphasis on the urban distribution. The history is very unique as it involves another very popular hip-hop musician who has followed in the paths of both P-Diddy and Jay-Z. G-Unit clothing was started in 2003 and was a joint venture between 50 Cent and Marc Ecko with the Ecko Unlimited group only handling the marketing while 50 Cent would take care of the design elements. Since 2003, the G-Unit clothing line has continued to grow and continues to be a very fashionable brand amongst the urban clothing niche. 50-Cent has complete control of the clothing line with the option of re-launching any other line at the same time; however Marc Ecko gets a large percentage of sales for his marketing strategies.

50 Cent first initial plans became into play when he decided to follow in the footsteps of his music mentor Eminem who has recently opened his own clothing line understanding the potential in urban clothing.

Over the past several years since 2003, the company has had its up’s and down’s due to the change in management a few times. The company also went through a complete over-haul of the design team. In the beginning the company worked very hard at trying to distribute their brand and different styles all at once, however the company decided to bring out different collections overtime which will be great for research and budgeting purposes. For example, the first released line consisted of only five T-shirts emblazoned with different G-Unit logos that cater to the preference of the person purchasing. The G-Unit clothing line is planning on releasing new additions to their clothing line slowly over 6 months grace periods. G-Unit had also worked hard at making their clothing very affordable by outsourcing much of their manufacturing and printing to places like China and other places in Asia. This was again a strategic move making sure their brand is affordable to everyone which in the long run would be better for sales.

G Unit Clothing

The G-Unit clothing line has disappeared over the last couple of years due to a decline in sales and again restructuring of management. While on tour in Brazil, 50 Cent and the G-Unit clothing line mentioned that they did launch a trial run there because of the larger fan-base in Brazil. The feedback has been great and they are planning a comeback within North America within one year after the release of 50 Cents 5th album.

Nowadays, the G-Unit team is working on extending their current portfolio with new and improved designs in all aspects of their collection including jackets, t-shirts, shoes, jeans and accessories. The official release and news can be located on their official website and part of their collection can be found online at eBay and Amazon.

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